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OC Tint Shop Inc. is Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino's trusted custom glass tinting and window tinting tints film experts. You can count on us for the installation, repair, and replacement of window tinting, window film, window films, window tints, window tint, tints, tinting, tint, tinted windows, tint shops, glass tinting, glass tint, commercial window tinting, commercial window film, commercial window tint, residential window tinting, residential window film, residential window tint, office window tinting, office window tint, home window tinting, home window tint, house window tinting, house window tint, business window tinting, mobile window tinting, mobile window tint, mobile tinting, windows, glass, skylights, skylight, glass doors on cars, car, auto vehicle automobile, automotive, commercial, office, business, residential, home, house, estimate, estimates, prices, prices, cost, quote, quotes, dealer, authorized, shops, shop, installer, installers, professional, installation, shades, shade, laws, specials, services, service, sale, reviews, review, remove, removing, removal, removals, coupons, coupon, best, the best, custom, local, quality, on-site, mobile, armorcoat, graffitigard, solar gard, suntek, llumar, vista, johnsons, 3M, 3M prestige, solyx, ceramic, spectrally selective, neutral, natural, colors, colored, black, white, gray, grey, blue, silver, bronze, gold, green, yellow, red, orange, clear, uv, dual reflective, reflective, low e, superior, interior, exterior, mirror, one way mirror, frosted, frost, sand blast, sand blasted, warranty, lifetime, smoke, limo, charcoal, metal, dye, cheap, cheapest, how much is, affordable, inexpensive, expensive, energy, solar, decorative, signal defense, safety, security, fragment retention window film, fragment retention film, shatter-resistant film, blast-resistant film, anti-terrorism film, glass protection film, anti-graffiti, graffiti, privacy, energy, energy efficient, in, around, OC, LA, IE, Orange, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, San Diego, Oceanside, Poway, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, Temecula, Corona, Chino Hills, Victorville, Ventura, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Paso Robles, Southern California, California, Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Beverly Hills and more . . .


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In addition to providing our customers with quality products at a competitive price,  we offer complete glass window tinting removal and i window tinting installation services for residential & commercial properties, homes, businesses, hotels, and apartment buildings, including:

and much more . . .

     We offer custom window tinting services including Residential Window Tinting Film CA, window tinting, home tint, residential window tinting, security window tinting, house tint, residential window tinting film, Home Window Tint Film and House UV Tint Solar Window Film. Film Tinting specializes in window tinting, office window tint, store front anti-graffiti window film, retail security window film, decorative glass window films, clear uv tint, ceramic window tint, commercial tinting, car tinting, auto tint, car window tinting, building window tint, privacy tinting, limo tint, reflective tint, Night Vision Tint, Prestige Window Films, sun control films, solar films, Scotchtint, Scotchshield Tint, Ultra Safety and Security Film and more! For the Best in "Residential Window Tinting Film, CA", "Commercial Window Tinting Film CA", “Car Window Tinting Film”, “Anti-Graffiti Window Film Film”, “Safety Window Film Tint”, “Security Window Film Tinting”, “Decorative Window Film Tint”, “Glass Window Tinting Film”, “Mobile Window Tinting Film”, “Auto Window Tinting Film”, “Office Window Tinting Film”, “Home Window Tinting Film”, “Window Tint” and “Window Tinting” call OC Tint Shop at (949) 637-0296.

     Homes and Commercial Businesses in Southern California and Northern California require specialty window tinting and window tint services for many reasons including tinted glass windows, security window tinting, decorative tinting, privacy tinting, tinting, window tint and much more. At OC Tint Shop, our skilled window tinters have the ability to install window tinting and custom window tints for our customers often with same day service. In addition to decorative window tinting for conference rooms, we also offer clear  safety and security window tinting plus a wet glaze attachment system for added protection that will secure existing glass versus spending more money on glass replacement. If graffiti is a problem then our anti-graffiti window tinting will protect your glass 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  If you need a job estimate for home or commercial window tinting, commercial window tint,  glass window tinting, storefront window tinting installation, window tinting removal or other window tinting services, contact OC Tint Shop today at (949) 637-0296.

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     At OC Tint Shop, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality window tinting products and excellent customer service. If you are interested in obtaining a job estimate or prices for window tinting or window tint products, repair, or installation services for your home or commercial office contact us today. One of our window tinting contractors to come out to you at a time that is convenient for you so we can provide you with a window tinting estimate.