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       Decorative Window Film is a beautiful way to protect your privacy. We offer a wide variety of Decorative Window Films whether it is for your Home or Office, OC Tint Shop Inc. has the Custom Film for the Custom look you are looking for. Our exclusive line of films offer the privacy you get with expensive glazed frosted etched glass while being a more cost effective alternative Saving You Money. We offer a variety of Custom Colors, Textures  & Patterns which work perfect with both Interior Glass and the Inside Surface of Exterior Windows, for both Residential & Commercial Glass with a 10 Year Warranty for Commercial & Lifetime Warranty for Residential use. Our Decorative films Add Privacy, Enhance Design, Increase Safety, Reject UV, Cut Glare & are Easily Maintained. Call our Office Now for a Free On-Site Consultation & Free Film Samples (949)637-0296.


Benefits include:

Create the illusion of etched and sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost.

Create your own pattern or choose from our many in-house designs.

Innovative patterns. As tastes change, so can your designer window film!

Complement furnishings, wall coverings, carpeting and window treatments.

Designer films can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of new glass.


White Frost: A semi-transparent film designed for windows where sunlight is desired, but total day and night privacy is needed. & can also be used to create custom film designs.

Whiteout & Blackout Films: Opaque white and black window films developed to create total privacy. Excellent for eliminating views inside a window or glass area.

View Control Films: Lumisty view control films give you the ability to determine what can be seen and what can't through the glass. The glass can be transparent from one angle and translucent from another angle allowing you to control how people see through the glass (available in different levels).

Transparent Colored Films : Brimstone Yellow, Yellow, Golden Yellow, Orange, Pale Pink, Salmon Pink, Orange Red, Red Orange, Light Red, Red, Dark Red, Pink, Telemagenta, Violet, Ice Blue, Steel Blue, Light Blue, Azure Blue, Gentian Blue, Traffic Blue, King Blue, Turquoise, Lime-Tree Green, Grass Green, Green, Blue Green, Dark Green, Middle Grey, Dark Grey, Reddish Brown

Custom Color Design & Patterned Films: Cracked Ice , Iridescent Film Blue/Violet/Red, Atlantis Mosaic, Cut Glass Atlantis, Cut Glass Stones, Clear Icicles, Clear Cut Glass Flowers, Cut Glass Floret, Cut Glass Bubbles, Cut Glass Pebbles, Cut Glass Prism, Cut Glass Facets, Cut Glass Gems, Cut Glass Mosaic ,,,,