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Protect Furnishings, Floors & Artwork from Fading with our 99.9% UVA & UVB UV Rejection Films. Protect against the harmful UV Rays that cause skin cancer. Protect interiors from fading (addresses three major causes of fading: Solar Heat 25%, Visible Sunlight 25%, UV Rays 40%, Misc. 10%)  and glare Solar Protection for your Interior Furnishings & Equipment.

Energy Savings. Can pay for itself in 1-2 years. Enhances the Appearance of your Building by Establishing a Uniform Appearance on the Outside making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Conserve Energy. Reduce A/C Bills up to 30-40 Percent & Lower Room Temperatures up to 15 Degrees.

Eliminate Hot/Cold Spots for Year-Round Comfort. Reduce cooling costs in the summer and keep your rooms comfortably warm and energy efficient in the winter. Save on Energy Costs Year-Round because Window Films Helps Keep your Office Cooler in the Summer & Warmer in the Winter! Prevents your tenants from beings uncomfortable from the rooms being too hot or cold & keeps them happy year-round & continue leasing from you. Helps Provide a Comfortable & Productive Work Environment. Increase Tenant Comfort and in Turn Reducing Complaints.

Control Glare on TV & Computer Screens. Enjoy your views. Window Tint is cheaper and more efficient than window coverings & blinds, not to mention lasts longer. Our films allow you to preserve your view, unlike heavy lined draperies/ blinds which compromise your view,

Gain Privacy. Improve Daytime/ Nighttime Privacy & Exterior Views. Gain privacy on the outside while still being able to see out, even at night! Our films allow you allow or block the natural sun light while still gaining results.  Spectrally Select / Ceramic Films: allow clear visibility from the outside looking in as well as the inside looking out with high amounts of heat rejection and UV/IR protection. Also these films will prevent high lighting bills which can be caused by other films. Ceramic Window Film: Virtually Invisible on your window with a variety of shades to choose from, clear to lightly tinted.

Add Safety, Strength, & Security to Glass. Prevent vandals from damaging your glass with our clear Anti-Graffiti & Security window films. Increase personal safety by preventing flying shards of glass improve glass security & prevent thieves.

Commercial Window Tinting Work OC Tint Shop Inc. performs is backed with a 10, 12 or 15 Year Warranty from the Manufacturer.


       Some problems associated with beautiful windows include higher energy costs, discomfort, safety issues, security issues & fading. With the help of OC Tint Shop Inc. & our superior window films we can eliminate & reduce the problems large glass windows can cause for your business, whether it is a commercial building or storefront, no job is too big or too small for us. Get Started and let us increase the comfort level for your customers & or tenants and start saving money each month by lowering your energy bills. With our help you can eliminate up 84% of the heat intake, 99.9% of the harmful UVA & UVB Rays & 89% of the glare meaning no more hot & cold spots. Our window film will keep your room temperature consistent throughout every room making your air conditioning system work more efficiently leading to lower energy bills and a longer lifeline for you air conditioning system. Save money on not only your energy bills but also your air conditioning  repair/maintenance bills.

       With all the money you will save, your investment will pay for itself within an average of 1-2 years and as little as 6 months. Cost Effective Solutions. We have a window film for every type of glass dilemma: Excessive Heat, Glare, Interior Fading, Gain Safety, Security, Anti-Graffiti, Decorative Custom Films & Skylights (glass). From Crystal Clear for View or Reflective for Privacy (While Maintaining your Night Time Views!) to Custom Colors we have it All (Films- UV, Solar, Privacy, Security, Anti-Graffiti, Decorative, Architectural, Ceramic & Spectrally Selective, Interior/Exterior Films to name a few). OC Tint Shop Inc. carries a wide variety of window films from leading national manufacturers that can custom match the design of any exterior building surface, regardless of color. Installation is quick and efficient with no disruption of daily business activity & offering quality installation 24hrs 7 Days a Week for your convenience with no additional fee for night work.

        If its your Office, Retail Storefront or Commercial Building you need tinted then Call Now & have someone from our company come and show you samples Today & have film installed Tomorrow! Unlike others, we offer our customers a variety of Top Film Manufactures to choose from so you are able to select a film that is right for your budget. We carry all they top name brands with the most affordable pricing around. Our window films provide an across-the-board approach to office improvement  by providing superior energy efficiency, greater comfort, and lower utility bills than previously experiencing. Our specially-trained staff will evaluate your commercial building & recommend the film that will generate the best results. Our Commercial Window Film Products & Services are a smart choice because you will Save Money on Energy Bills without sacrificing Comfort, Quality or View not to mention your return on investment can be as little as 6 months !

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